What is CuTee Style and what to expect?

Hello. I am Tia-Rianne! (Tia/TR for short) 

Welcome to my blog. This has been a long time coming! I have always thought about starting a blog, just as a way to talk about what I love a lot, clothes! I’ve constantly put it off, using lame excuses, such as I’m too busy or I have bigger priorities but the truth is you can never be too busy to do something you love. If you love something, you will make time and I am excited to finally start something I love to do. I have always enjoyed buying clothes, putting together outfits and looks, as an expression of the mood or attitude I am in. What made me start ‘CuTee Style’, were really the people around me; yes friends and family you can take credit here! I often receive a lot of compliments on my style, so it was simply a no brainer.

 So what is CuTee Style? I came up with the name because cute is one of the top words used in my vocabulary (you can probably say my vocabulary range is not extensive enough!) I use cute to describe literally everything; my go to phrase is “That’s cute” For example, when I am walking through Ikea and spot something for my bedroom, if I see an attractive person or when I am doing online shopping and I see a cute top to go with these cute pants. I even describe a sunny day (rare in London) as a cute day. Being named Tia, my unoriginal nickname is ‘T’ or ‘Tee’ so I just thought it would be (yes about to use that word again) cute to play on the word ‘cutie’ and ‘cute’ by removing the ‘i’ and adding an extra ‘e’. The word cute defines everything feminine and as females, we do generally use the word cute often. Therefore by adding the extra ‘e’, I knew it will still be relatable to the wider girl squad. Every girl wants to look cute and feel cute, I live by my motto ‘looking cute is a way of life’, so for me, it was the perfect name for this blog.

 I would describe my style as street but girly, with sprinkles of pink. I love to wear oversized hoodies or tees with a bomber or denim jacket. I tend to wear trainers often… actually let me start again. I wear trainers all the time! The only time when I am forced to not wear trainers (and I say forced because if I could live in them I would believe me) is when I have a job interview or when I have to go an event or club and the dress code implies that it’s a non-sports wear shindig. I can’t lie on my wedding day I probably will be wearing a pair of old skool vans under my dress. Even though I do wear trainers 99.9 percent of the time, I wear a lot of skirts and dresses which is why I would say my style is street and girly and I have my moments when I am slaying in a mini dress and heels. I don’t really like to follow trends per say, I wear what I know will look good on me and what is comfortable for me and if that happens to be something that is trending at the moment then that is what it is. the only trends I purposely try to avoid is ‘Instagram Trends’. If you don’t know what that is it is literally just a particular item of clothing that has caught momentum and every girl on Instagram has a picture of their page in that item, for example, the thrasher and rock band T-Shirts. I mean it is cool if you actually listen to the rock bands you’re wearing, but most people don’t and just think it’s cool because it is popping at the moment. I admire uniqueness and creativity when it comes to art and yes fashion is artistic and a creative expression, which is why I love when people use their sense of style to speak for them by setting their own trends.  

 The content you can expect over time on my blog is outfit inspo, daily personal style looks and posts on cute items I’ve purchased and want to share with my fellow CuTees.I plan to post at least once a week, so stay tuned guys! Read, comment, suggest! I’ am here for it all! Until then check out my Instagram (at the top of this page) 

Thanks for reading, until next week.

Love TeeTee x

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