Fine China

Hey CuTees,

When I initially planned to blog about this look there was suppose to be two different outfits inspos. However, because the second outfit was a flop (I looked like a cardboard box in it! No really, it didn’t give my any shape what so ever) I ended up posting this current look on my Instagram without blogging about it (silly tia). After much thought, I realised this look is wayyyy too cute to not share with my fellow cuTees, so here we are my ‘fine china’ outfit inspiration.

Both the skirt and the top is from ASOS, the skirt is ‘Reclaimed vintage’ and the top is ‘Milk it vintage’. Now let’s talk detailssss honey, I think we should start with the skirt. Two words; absolutely gorgeous. The style of the skirt (wrap skirt) is super cute and very chic. I love the frills along the trimmings and the tie detail around the waist, which enables the skirt to hug on to the hips and waist, elegantly showing off my figure. Now the pattern and design on the skirt are to die for! I love the culture and fashion in China and this skirt was clearly inspired by traditional Chinese attire, from the silk like material and most notably the flower pattern which is used frequently on Chinese women’s clothing. Oh and of course the skirt is PINK, so you know I am sold.

FullSizeRender (6)

The skirt defiantly influenced the top I wanted to wear. I had in mind something that would compliment the Chinese theme of the skirt. The top is simple but is a statement piece due to the Chinese Mandarin (let’s hope the translation makes sense and means something good in English). What I loved about this top is that it crops not too short (so I didn’t have to worry about sucking in my belly too much when I took this photo) and the shirred material towards the bottom which pulls the top in and shows off my waist. Whereas if I opted for a normal styled cotton t-shirt and then tucked it into my skirt it would have made my figure disappear and I would have gone from a cuTee to frumpTy dumputy!

So if you’re feeling this look as much as I was feeling myself when I wore it, feel free to share the love in the comment and like section. That’s it for this week guys, chat soon.


TeeTee x

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