Top 5 Summer 17

Hello CuTees,

I bet you weren’t expecting two posts this week but you’re in for a treat. This post is literally just a mini look book on my favourite outfits I wore over the summer. There will be no detailed commentary on each look because the post will be extremely long and I’m pretty sure you do not want to read something equivalent in length to a university dissertation. You think am joking, 10,000 words is light work to me now, especially as I will be talking about fashion and not unimportant things like politics lol.

Okay enough talking now, in no particular order my favourite CuTee looks I wore summer 2017.

fullsizerender-8.jpgimg_0277.pngimg_0275.pngimg_0278.pngFullSizeRender (7)

As I couldn’t decide my favourite look, I’m sure you guys must have a look that you loved the most?! If so please share it with me in the comments. What is your most favourite and least favourite looks?

Now summer is over and autumn (the best season) is approaching be sure to read next week post where I will be sharing some cute buys that I’ve managed to get my hands on already for Autumn/Winter 2017. Until then, keep it CuTee!



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