I can’t stand the rain

Hey hey hey!

As autumn is here and winter is very near ( check the bars though, rhyming and that) I wanted to show all you Cutees some new coats that I’ve recently purchased. Both coats remind me of the Missy Elliot styling in her video for ‘I can’t stand the rain’ (Supa Dupa fly), hence why the title references the track. In addition, they are both waterproof so will keep me nice and dry from the rainy weather us London folks are cursed with, about 95 percent of the year. Both coats are from ASOS, yes back at it again in ASOS (I need to learn to shop around).

The first one is a puffer coat. Puffer coats are so in season this fall so make sure get your hands on one. You can throw it on with mostly anything and everything tbh and it gives your outfit an edgy look. Even more important wearing a puffer is just so cozy and comfortable! Heres a tip for all you commuters, they make the perfect pillow/ blanket combination when you’re snoozing on public transport, thank me later. I particularly love this one because it is black and it’s shiny and it’s just super cute! The downside is that it doesn’t have a hood so I defo need to invest in a firm brolly for the rainy weather.


The second one, is not really a coat… it’s puffer body warmer… but its PINK and METALLIC!!!! How could I resist??!! The model who wore it on ASOS really gave it justice and I can’t wait to wear it myself. It looks like it should be worn with a glamorous sparkly pink ski outfit right??? I totally see the vision, too bad I am not going skiing in the French Alps anytime soon, just have to rock it around South London I guess. But just know when I drop it, the outfit is going to be EPIC.


That’s it for now peeps. I look forward to wearing both coats soon and dropping some outfit inspo. Until then expect more posts on new buys and I have a few outfit inspo looks in the pipe line so stay locked in. Keep it CuTee.

Chat soon,



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