Stay in check spring 2018

Good Evening guys,

I hope you all have had a productive first few days into the new year. If you have not, don’t sweat it because neither have I. Its only been five days we still have 360 days to be productive!

The purpose of this post is to keep you all in check for the new year. Some of you including myself may have (from watching too many American reality shows) heard or used the word “check” when referring to confronting a person about a particular situation. You may be familiar with the phrase “I had to check her/him”. However in this particular case, I don’t have to “check” ya’ll in that way thankfully, but I do want to keep you all in check…as in making sure you get your hands on some checked print items for your 2018 wardrobe.

Pretty much everyone has hit the shops whether it has been online or on the high street during the Christmas season, due to the stressful task of present shopping. Whilst doing so you may have noticed a lot of clothing items with different styles of checked prints and this is because checks are on the hot list for spring/summer 2018.

The check print was seen all over the fashion shows for spring and summer 2018, in particular, Balenciaga’s collection at Paris Fashion week was dominated by checked prints.

However, if you can’t afford to break the bank on Balenciaga which I know is not an option for me either, there is plenty of checked items in stores like ASOS, Bershka and TopShop to name a few. If checked prints are not for you, do not threat because it is not the only thing making a come back this season, polka dots, as well as pinstripes, are making a return so there are various print styles that may be more up your street.

I recently put together a look wearing a checked skirt for Christmas. It was very much influenced by ‘Clueless’, the movie and I believe I done very well channelling my inner Dionne *flicks hair*. For the outfit, details click on my Instagram icon which will take you to these exact same photos where I have tagged each item of clothing.

With that being said I will be very pleased to know that I have inspired you to get in check for 2018 and don’t forget about the other prints you should be styling in this season. I may do another style inspo shoot in either polka dots or stripes to show you how I will be rocking these cute prints and what I’ll be wearing them with, so look out for that in the very near future.

I hope you all have a fabulous and safe weekend. I’ll be spending mine in Switzerland with my family for a quick new years escape before I head back to work.

Talk soon,

Love TR X

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