My Switzerland weekender

Happy Sunday all,

I hope everyone’s week has been fantastic. As I mentioned in my post last week, I spent the weekend with my family in Switzerland, to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and for a cheeky New Year’s break. It was a very EPIC weekend trip!

I spent my first day in Geneva city, my second day up in the mountains at Mont Blanc and then my last day back in Geneva.  What made my trip epic was not being in Switzerland but crossing the border to France, to spend the day in Chamonix Village, visiting Mont Blanc.

My general view on Switzerland; well on Geneva because that’s the only part of Switzerland I saw, was very bland. It’s an overly expensive city (and I hear the rest of the country is just as expensive). When I say expensive the prices of normal everyday things is triple the amount back home in London! Walking into the local supermarket the milk was over 3 Swiss francs (Swiss currency) and eating out at KFC will cost you 44 Swiss francs on a bargain bucket!! That’s equivalent to about 33 GBP!! You think I’m kidding but I kid not! It really is that expensive. Obviously, for the locals it’s normal but as a tourist, comparing it to the prices of things back home is completely bonkers!

In regards to my description of the city as bland, to be quite frank it is, but this is just my personal opinion of course. As you walk the streets you will see countless of advertisements of Swiss watches, however walking around on a Friday and Saturday evening you would not see as many people as the numerous adverts of watches. I’m dead serious! The streets were empty and it was a weekend! I didn’t see much nightlife going on and it was very quiet. Thank God it was a family holiday ,or else my friends and I would have been bored during the night time. I’m not sure if it was due to my location, why I found the city a bit dry but my

 A cute little photo opportunity in Geneva City.

hotel was very central, so I doubt it. I could walk from my hotel to literally all the main tourist points (which weren’t many) nevertheless, regards of where you stay in a city you would expect some nightlight, but I couldn’t spot one thing that could keep myself entertained on a Friday and Saturday night.

During the day as tourists, there are a few things you can do such as shopping (there are many luxury shops around), sightseeing and boat rides but other than that it can get quite boring. Not the most exciting city to visit in my opinion, so I’m happy I had my crazy family around to keep me entertained.

The highlight of my trip was my visit to Mount Blanc. When I say my trip to Switzerland was EPIC it was because of this day trip and the funniest thing about it, was that it was not even in Switzerland. More like across the boarder in the French Alps! If you are in Geneva this is a worth while trip to go on!! It’s defiantly a once in a life time experience sort of trip.

Side note: this is a quick geography lesson. If you did not know, Switzerland shares a boarder with a few European countries including France and Italy, so depending on where you are in Switzerland you can cross the border in under two hours. Traveling to the French Alps from Geneva was very quick. It only took 90 minutes on a coach from the centre of Geneva city. The ticket cost around 30 English pounds so very reasonable (compared to the other prices of things). Where Geneva is situated it is closer to visit the French Alps than the Swiss Alps so you will get two holidays in one which is quite good.

The beautiful Chamonix village. Jaw dropping views to say the least!

Spending the day in France in the mountains was amazing, a day full of amazing scenic surroundings, along with panoramic views. You won’t put your camera or phone down, every turn is a picture perfect moment. The Chamonix village is insanely beautiful, you will feel like your in a Disney Story!

If you ever thought a mountain holiday in winter means skiing, it defiantly doesn’t. There are so many other options non-skiers

can do, such as hiking, snowshoeing and cable cars. You can see use the ski lifts and go up to the highest peaks of the mountains. If you do get a chance to ski it will be amazing (I defiantly will be back for a skiing holiday).

I wouldn’t rule out Switzerland as a holiday despite my views on Geneva because there are other cities you can visit (just do your research) and there are loads of other areas that are very pretty, full of mountains and lakes with exceptional views. For instant I’m planning a trip to the Italian Alps during summer and during my stay I plan on spending a day across the borders in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, which I’ve read has beautiful scenery all around. Just make sure you do your research before you go so your break is perfectly suited for what you like! Make sure you have a decent amount of money also. Just a reminder Switzerland is very expensive! I’d recommend between 80-100 Swiss franc a day.

Overall, it was a great short break and would recommend everyone to visit Chamonix and Mount Blanc if they can or go on any other mountain holiday. It truly is a bucket list experience.

Take care, until next time.

Love TeeTee

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