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Hi all,

I don’t know about ya’ll but for me, it feels like we are already five months into the new year, even though it is STILL January. It really is such a long month, but we are nearly at the end and I hope everyone has had a happy January.

As always with every start to a New Year, we are constantly bombarded with tips and advice to help guide us to a successful and healthy year. Most of the tips are things we are aware of and we say we’re going to definitely do this time around, but we never do. Don’t worry I am not going start giving you my own tips that I swear will work, but I do have a handy book or two that will help encourage you to follow through your resolutions and goals for 2018.

The Confident Woman and The Confident Woman Devotional are two books written by the Christian New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer, that I encourage all females to add to their reading library! There is a moment in life that everyone goes through when you just have a lack of faith and you are in need of a confidence boost. As women, we always have to battle with insecurities and that is not just to do with our appearance, which a lot of the time that tends to be the only topic of conversation. Yes, it is something we do face, unfortunately, but it is not the only area in our lives that we may lack confidence in.

In the society, we live in today, in which women do not just have the title of ‘mother’ or ‘wife’ but as artists, businesswomen/ entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, leaders to name just a few. Confidence is something we need in order to fulfil our roles and to be successful within them. As we take the next steps of our destiny it is normal that we may not feel very confident, we may be too timid and shy and ‘The Confident Women’ book guides on how we should ooze confidence in every area of our lives.

What I love most about the book is that it reminds you that GOD is the key to our confidence and success. No matter how nervous, shy or worried you may be, if you give all your worries to God and be confident through him, anything is possible. In addition, it encourages you to own your truth which is not always an easy thing to do.  Joyce teaches us to be bold and confident, no matter what comes in our path. One of the great quotes that I got from the book which I use often in my life, is “to be confident in fear”, meaning even though you may be in a situation that may seem scary , you still do what you need to do despite being scared, you are confident in fear. When you step out in confidence despite your fears you are able to overcome the emotions that try to steal your confidence, so you will be able to tackle any future fearful situations.

I do not want to give away the books because I want you all to read it for yourself and see how your life will be transformed, but I will break down the difference between the two books.  The Confident Women is a seventeen chapter book that gives you keys to living an independent and confident life in absence of fear. It also identifies the ‘seven secrets of a Confident Woman’. Whereas the devotional is based on a daily spiritual reading for each day in the year. For each date, there is a short paragraph from a bible scripture, followed by an interpretation of the scripture linked to confidence and then it ends with a short prayer.

This is a very brief review because I do not want to go on about the books in too much detail, I want you to purchase the books and be inspired. You might not be a person that is lacking confidence and that is fine because the books are not to be read only by individuals who have lost their confidence but for women who already believe they are confident, however, they have forgotten that their faith is their confidence! To have confidence is to know that our God is the root of it all. To have that in hindsight, will surely lead to a life of happiness.

That’s all, for now, guys,  if you do end up reading one or both books ( i recommend both) make sure you let me know how you find it,  by dropping by and leaving a comment underneath the post.  Wishing you all a great week, God Bless!

Love Tia-Rianne


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