Colour-blocking for Valentine’s Day

Evening ladies,

Today’s post is all about colour-blocking. A simple definition in the fashion world would be – ‘ pairing items of clothing together, that contrast in colour, to make a complimentary outfit combination’.

This is a trend that can be pulled off constantly throughout the seasons. In summer its more easily done, as we tend to dress very colourful and bright. Whereas in winter our dress code tends to reflect the weather outside: dark, grey and dull, so it is probably something that we subconsciously avoid doing, but we shouldn’t be. In fact, we all should be incorporating colour-blocking into our looks now and again. Why? Well, it is a great way to look more vibrant during the cold seasons, injecting some life into your outfits. It also allows you to switch up your looks by breaking up habits of living in black, grey and white.

I decided to put together a look (that in my opinion) demonstrates the do’s when it comes to colour blocking. The colours I went for are very loud but despite this, they complimented each other well. As you all know pink is my favourite colour so when I came across this dress it was an instant purchase for me. What stood out, in particular, was that the dress is pretty much a simple plain maxi dress but because these two bold colours were put together in such a great way, it made a simple dress become a statement piece. In all honesty, I actually played it safe as the dress (from Zara) did the colouring blocking for me, being half red and half pink. This made it easier for me, as I did not have to find separate items of clothing and pair them together to create the colour-block effect.

Instead of leaving the dress to just do all the talking I decided to take it a step further by colouring-blocking (my already colour-block dress) with clashing colour -block heels. The heels (ASOS) which have now become my favourite pair of heels (at the moment) have a great design.  I love the thick stripes and how well suited the bold colours are – if candy-canes were shoes then these heels would be them! I actually had the shoes before I purchased the dress and I based my whole look on these shoes. It defo could have been a hit or miss situation, because there was a big possibility that it would have been too much of a clash! I guess that’s the fun in colour-blocking, it makes you more daring in the items and colours you choose.

An important note to take, when pulling of this trend is don’t think of it as something very complicated because it really isn’t. It should be something fun and thoughtless. Of course don’t go out the house looking like you just rolled out of bed and pulled on the nearest top and trousers laying around. Once you decide on the item/ colour your going to wear, what you decide to pair it with will come naturally. You will know if each item is complimenting each other well or if your starting to look clownish (please refrain from the clown look). I’ve never been a believer in fashion rules so I wouldn’t say there is a handbook on what colours to pair, but when you look in the mirror you will be able to tell if these colours are working and if not you can make the necessary adjustments.

Drop down and get your eagle on girl: The lady edition.

Not only does this outfit highlight how to colour-block but it also is a great outfit inspiration for Valentine’s Day! Yes, guys we are in the month of love and V-day is upon us, so for many of you lovely ladies who have dates/bfs/baes/husbands you probably will be looking for a outfit if you’re going out. Colour-blocking red and pink together, which are literally the theme colours of Valentine’s Day, would be a good way to explore the trend.

The Zara dress is very elegant and classy. The perfect simple but effective, dinner look option. Its stretchy cotton material makes it a great number if you’re looking for a fitted, figuring hugging dress. If you want to add edge to it then throw on a pair of sunnies or over the top statement earrings (or do both like myself).

Sunglasses from eBay

This dress definitely can be worn casually also. Which brings me to my next blog post. I have decided to put together a causal, everyday look wearing this dress! I will be blogging the look so you can compare how I dress up/ dress down the same item, so expect that post in a week or two!

This is it for now guys. In the meantime you can check out my Instagram for exclusive photos of me styling in this dress or simply wait for my next post.

Lots of love,


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