Lush Lavender

Hi Guys!

Today I wore a super cute one-toned lavender fit and I was overwhelmed with so many compliments at church that I decided to blog about it and delay my original post idea.

When putting together a piece that follows the exact colour shade throughout, you want to make sure it is as simple as it is stylish, so I went for plain items with no fancy patterns or designs.

How cute is my Handbag (ASOS) which I got as a gift for christmas. The bag is following the colour-block vibes from my previous post.

This fluffy short-sleeved jumper was purchased from the online store Noisy May.  Fluffy items are very much 90s and iconic to the Clueless fashion look during the 90s period. Fluffy jumpers, in my opinion, will always be a sought-after piece with women because there is something about softness and fluffiness that we all adore and it just seems to be an instant attraction to our feminity.

The jumper is also a turtleneck (for all the turtleneck lovers). I am literally DONE with turtleneck guys, because my neck is sooooo short (literally my head might as well just sit on my chest) that when I wear turtlenecks it makes my neck just disappear, making me look shorter than I am. I  mean I’m not that tall anyway, but having a long neck gives you some extra inches and the turtlenecks take all my inches away! That being said I will not be wearing a turtleneck ever again…in life.

*Rant over*

I matched the jumper with paper bag trousers from ASOS. These are baggy style trousers which makes them a number one hit for comfort. The waist of the trousers is elasticated,  so it draws in around the waists. I personally love these style of trousers, simply because despite being loose fit tailored trousers, they are still very smart so you can dress them up or down easily.

I finished the outfit with some Nike Air Dunks that I got on offer last year from Nike online store. The trainers are actually baby pink, not lavender but they blended in so well with the clothing.

That sums up today’s look guys. I hope you all loved this look, until next time.

Take care, 

Love Tia-Rianne



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