Sliver surfing in my tin foil boots

Happy Sunday CuTee$,

As you spend the rest of your Sunday evening lounging in bed; eating; ironing; watching TV (the list can go on) I want to update you on my latest cute purchase of the month.

Now you all pretty much know by now that I am a trainers (sneakers for those who may be reading outside the UK) kinda girl. I live in trainers no matter the occasion. When I do buy a different style of shoe just for buying sake, it is usually because I think the shoe is so stylish and iconic that I need it in my life, regardless if it will spend most of its time off my feet and under my bed in a box that is smothered in dust.  Knowing that I physically have it makes me a happy woman.

This was how I felt when I purchased my silver, foil metallic knee-high boots from ASOS earlier this month. I managed to get them on sale for half price. I think I paid about 45 pounds for them, considering their previous price, I believe I got a good deal.

Everything about these sliver boots screamed Rihanna to me!!! Rihanna is my style icon. Legit, when I try and put together an outfit I think: ‘How would Bad Gyal RiRi wear this?’. I love how effortless but bold and daring her style is and I always try to implement that in my own looks, by channelling my inner Rihanna (my mum didn’t put Rianne in my name for no reason now hunnyss). Not only that but the boots just had showstopperpiece written all over it, which makes them the perfect shoe to add edge to a simple outfit.

I am aware not everyone will be a fan of the boots and that’s fine because they are not for everyone, we all have our own tastes when it comes to fashion. However, for those who like me loves to be daring by wearing items that are different and unique, getting your hands on some silver surfer boots will definitely add some futuristic style to your wardrobe.

If you are not keen on the boots, fear not. Metallic material pieces is a trend that has had its moments now and again. Currently, it has made a come-back, by recently re-appearing all over the Catwalk for Mr Margiela at London’s Fashion Week, this February. If you haven’t seen the pieces from The Maison Margiela MM6 collection I can inform you that all things silver, foil and metal dominated the collection. The entire show looked as if it was created to portray a dystopian futuristic world where the most stylish would live in metallic clothing. Check out my slideshow of selected pieces from the collection below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As metallic clothing predominately featured in the MM6 collection we can expect that highstreet copies will be all over our favourite shop’s this spring/summer, so if my boots are not for you, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for your perfect piece.

I’ll end this post by wishing you all a productive and successful week. Catch up soon!

Lots of love,



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