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Good Evening all,

I recently got my hair braided, and since getting it done I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I love my hair in braids. It’s quickly become my favourite way to wear my hair over any other hairstyle, in particular these days I’d rather have my hair in braids, rather than rocking my natural hair. As those around me know I’ve always been a natural hair kinda gal,  but braiding my hair has dramatically taken over. This I believe tends to be based on two combined factors;  1) It is an easier hair routine option for myself and  2) receiving so many compliments on how well-suited braids are on me.

Braids have not always been a go-to option for me, however. The first time I ever got my hair braided was when I went to Ghana, summer 2016. Before then I was very sceptical about wearing my hair in braids because I thought it would be too heavy on my head and pull too much on my hairline, having no edges was all I could imagine when I thought of braids. After much encouragement from my friends, I decided to get my hair done whilst on holiday in Ghana and what I thought was true! It was very heavy and super tight and I was worried about the effect it would have on my hairline. Despite those thoughts, I was also amazed at how beautiful the braids looked and how much they complimented my face.

When I eventually took my hair out, I was delighted that my hairline was still intact! That being said I was very much aware of the possible damages it could do to my hair in the long run. I really loved my hair in braids and wanted to get it done in the future, so from that moment I decided that I must follow some important steps if this was going to be something I do to my hair so often.

It is very important to know how to treat your hair once it’s been braided. When your hair is freshly braided always wear it down for at least a week before putting it up in different styles. This is because the hair is still very tight and heavy, so pulling it in different directions, tugs at your natural hair, weakening it which can cause damage and potentially the loss of edges!!! Also make sure you take breaks in between getting your hair braided, doing your hair frequently in tight styles will again cause the weakening effect and pull at your growing hair. Finally moisturise your scalp once a week, just because your hair is in braids doesn’t mean you stop taking care of it, growing hair needs moisture so, by all means, do not slack on this. What I tend to do is massage my scalp with a mixture of natural oils such as castor oil and olive oil.  These are tips that have worked really well for me on my journey with my braids.

Looking back from Ghana until now, I defiantly have done so many different braids styles, from skinny twists, jumbo twists, bob twists, jumbo plaits and skinny plaits. That being said, there are still so many styles I haven’t done so my braids journey is just at the beginning.

Once your hair has been freshly braided, after a couple of days your hair starts to loosen up, and the tightness becomes a distant memory. That is the only disadvantage of braids and its a minor compared to all the advantages! As the saying goes ‘pain is beauty’. If I have not convinced you here is a list of reasons why braiding is simply the best:

  1. It’s a protective style for your own natural hair, as your not combing and brushing your hair so often.
  2. It’s a hairstyle within a hairstyle, as in when you get your hair braided that is the hairstyle but you can also do different hairstyles with the braids, for example putting your braids in a bun or wearing it half up, half down.
  3. It’s so convenient and time efficient when getting ready to go out, so you never have to worry about spending long on your hair whilst wearing braids
  4. It’s easy to maintain – you don’t have to shampoo, condition, grease, oil as often as you do with other styles
  5. It lasts a long time – 4 to 8 weeks max I would say (I personally have not worn my braids longer than 4 weeks)
  6. You can have your braids in any colour you want without having to dye your natural hair
  7. It’s super affordable – unlike spending so much money on weave and making wigs

In honour of my love of braids I decided to give you guys another list but this time it’s of my favourite hair braider’s IG @s in London. In no particular order:

1. @Houseoffels

2. @Sammii_rae

3. @Maakville

4. @Silonesensei

5. @Klassicshair

6. @Dsybhair

If you are in need of braids or you are a first timer who wants to give this hairstyle ago be sure to check each of these ladies out, all very talented.

That’s it for now guys. Wishing you all a great week. Keep it Cutee always.

Lots of love,



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