So nice I have to wear it twice!


Alert: Did I not tell you in my last blog that Berskha is becoming my favourite Highstreet store! 

Recently I did a mini shopping haul online at Berskha and girl$$$ the number of cute pieces I purchased excites me. As I scrolled down the pages, I was spoilt for choice on what items to add to my basket,  feeling like a kid in a candy store.

One of the items I decided to get was a bubble gum pink blazer dress, the best decision I could have made *pats self on the back* because its one of those dresses you can dress up and dress down. As a lady that loves a pair of sneakers, this was well suited for me because a lot of the time when I go out to places where the dress code is heels and a dress, I often get a dress to wear that  I either never wear again or a whole year goes by before I decide to wear it for another occasion. Buying a dress that I can wear smart or causal is very handy indeed and this is the case with the blazer dress.

If I never made it clear before, I repeat the dress is from Berskha and only cost £29.99! It comes in black and also in checkered prints which I believe cost a few more pounds than the plain pink or black, so get your hands on it ASAP before they sell out! It fits well and because of the style, it suits all ladies, no discrimination on body shape or height, definitely a universal dress for all of us.

I love this dress so much not only did I wear it once, but twice over the weekend – I’m calling it the Friday night versus Saturday night look-book. On the first night, I  stepped out wearing the dress for a formal event I was attending with some friends. I kept the look very simple with some plain black open toes sandal heels, that complimented the black button details on the dress. Accessories-wise I kept it simple with a gold chain and a ring on each hand, finishing it off with some statement black and gold earrings.


On Saturday evening I then put together a casual look for an informal social gathering. This was a very street style tomboyish look, which is more in my comfort zone. I wanted to make this look very different from the Friday to show you all the versatility of a blazer dress, so I decided to wear a black zip-up top (also from Berksha) underneath the dress, accessorising with a black bum bag. I then decided to finish off the look with black sheer tights and flame print vans to give the look a bit more edge.I loved wearing both of these looks over the weekend, but looking back I most defiantly have a favourite and I’m sure you all will too.


This was actually the first time I ever repeated an item in such a short space of time, for two different occasions, so I thought this would be a great blog opportunity to show you all two different looks with one statement dress. That being said, I hope this post not only gave you all style inspiration on the different ways to wear a Blazer Dress but, showed you all that it is okay to repeat an outfit. We spend our hard earned money on the things we wear, therefore nobody can tell us when or how to wear them!

My tip for you all is if you are going to repeat an outfit within a small time frame make sure you switch it up, so it doesn’t look exactly the same as the first time you wore it. As for these so-called fashion rules like never repeating an outfit, you can kick it out the window for now…that’s only until we get that ‘never repeat an outfit’ ‘kinda money but for now we can do want we want!

Lots of Love, 



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