Barbie wants to Party

Hey Guys, 

I’m writing this blog post live from a (very) packed train commute to work. It’s 08.55am, I’m hot, extremely tired and annoyed. I haven’t even got to work yet but I’m already thinking about going home! Soooo instead of thinking about what lays ahead of my working day, I am diverting my attention to sharing with you all one of my recent looks.

Yesterday I hit in the streets of London, looking like a real-life Barbie, dressed head to toe in all pink…again! LOL I can’t help it guys it is my fave colour.


Initially, I was going to wear the dress without a jacket but I really wasn’t feeling the dress on its own. It just looked a bit off for me and it caused me to change my outfit last minute. *Side Note* – You know them ones when your face is beat and your hair is slicked back no strand out of place, so you have to carefully lift the clothes off without it scraping of ur makeup or messing up your hair… well that was me with my last minute outfit change – But then I really played myself because 5 minutes later, I realised my back up outfit was DEAD compared to what I originally had on. I ended up pairing the dress with my denim jacket which gave the look the extra sauce it was missing.

Barbie Tingz

Dress: Daisy Street on ASOS
Denim jacket: Berskha
Shoes: Nike Air Max 97’s from ASOS

As you can see throughout the photos all the items are not all the same shade of pink. I played around with baby pink and a medium shade of pink to create a playful combination of the colours.

If you’re feeling my Barbie girl look, let me know by leaving a comment at the end of the post! Otherwise engage with me on my Instagram, where you can see a range of my different looks and hopefully get some outfit inspiration.

Wishing you all a great week!

Lots of love,

Tee Tee


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