Braid$ Gang!

Good Evening all,

I recently got my hair braided, and since getting it done I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I love my hair in braids. It’s quickly become my favourite way to wear my hair over any other hairstyle, in particular these days I’d rather have my hair in braids, rather than rocking my natural hair. As those around me know I’ve always been a natural hair kinda gal,  but braiding my hair has dramatically taken over. This I believe tends to be based on two combined factors;  1) It is an easier hair routine option for myself and  2) receiving so many compliments on how well-suited braids are on me.

Braids have not always been a go-to option for me, however. The first time I ever got my hair braided was when I went to Ghana, summer 2016. Before then I was very sceptical about wearing my hair in braids because I thought it would be too heavy on my head and pull too much on my hairline, having no edges was all I could imagine when I thought of braids. After much encouragement from my friends, I decided to get my hair done whilst on holiday in Ghana and what I thought was true! It was very heavy and super tight and I was worried about the effect it would have on my hairline. Despite those thoughts, I was also amazed at how beautiful the braids looked and how much they complimented my face.

When I eventually took my hair out, I was delighted that my hairline was still intact! That being said I was very much aware of the possible damages it could do to my hair in the long run. I really loved my hair in braids and wanted to get it done in the future, so from that moment I decided that I must follow some important steps if this was going to be something I do to my hair so often.

It is very important to know how to treat your hair once it’s been braided. When your hair is freshly braided always wear it down for at least a week before putting it up in different styles. This is because the hair is still very tight and heavy, so pulling it in different directions, tugs at your natural hair, weakening it which can cause damage and potentially the loss of edges!!! Also make sure you take breaks in between getting your hair braided, doing your hair frequently in tight styles will again cause the weakening effect and pull at your growing hair. Finally moisturise your scalp once a week, just because your hair is in braids doesn’t mean you stop taking care of it, growing hair needs moisture so, by all means, do not slack on this. What I tend to do is massage my scalp with a mixture of natural oils such as castor oil and olive oil.  These are tips that have worked really well for me on my journey with my braids.

Looking back from Ghana until now, I defiantly have done so many different braids styles, from skinny twists, jumbo twists, bob twists, jumbo plaits and skinny plaits. That being said, there are still so many styles I haven’t done so my braids journey is just at the beginning.

Once your hair has been freshly braided, after a couple of days your hair starts to loosen up, and the tightness becomes a distant memory. That is the only disadvantage of braids and its a minor compared to all the advantages! As the saying goes ‘pain is beauty’. If I have not convinced you here is a list of reasons why braiding is simply the best:

  1. It’s a protective style for your own natural hair, as your not combing and brushing your hair so often.
  2. It’s a hairstyle within a hairstyle, as in when you get your hair braided that is the hairstyle but you can also do different hairstyles with the braids, for example putting your braids in a bun or wearing it half up, half down.
  3. It’s so convenient and time efficient when getting ready to go out, so you never have to worry about spending long on your hair whilst wearing braids
  4. It’s easy to maintain – you don’t have to shampoo, condition, grease, oil as often as you do with other styles
  5. It lasts a long time – 4 to 8 weeks max I would say (I personally have not worn my braids longer than 4 weeks)
  6. You can have your braids in any colour you want without having to dye your natural hair
  7. It’s super affordable – unlike spending so much money on weave and making wigs

In honour of my love of braids I decided to give you guys another list but this time it’s of my favourite hair braider’s IG @s in London. In no particular order:

1. @Houseoffels

2. @Sammii_rae

3. @Maakville

4. @Silonesensei

5. @Klassicshair

6. @Dsybhair

If you are in need of braids or you are a first timer who wants to give this hairstyle ago be sure to check each of these ladies out, all very talented.

That’s it for now guys. Wishing you all a great week. Keep it Cutee always.

Lots of love,



Everyday style: Smart/Causal

Heyy Ladies,

Today’s post is a short one. I am sharing a simple smart/casual look, plus I’ll be giving you the full details on where you can purchase these items for yourselves.

I wore this outfit to a sisterhood brunch with some lovely ladies from my church. I wanted to share this because, smart/casual outfits are the perfect go-to look when you have an event to attend, and you do not want to look super casual but, you also do not want to look like your going to do a 9 to 5 at your corporate work office.


Head to toe outfit details:

Beret (hat) – ASOS

Shirt – Pull n Bear

Crop top – ASOS

Trousers – Bershka

Trainers/sneakers – the Vans store

Necklaces and earrings – ASOS


A side note to add is that Bershka is slowly becoming my favourite clothing store!!!! If you have not looked in a store or online recently go have a peek! They have some super cute stylish items and their prices are super affordable. ASOS will always be my number one but for now, Bershka has been capturing my heart.

That’s all for now CuTees. I hope you all have had a great week and an even better weekend. Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to any mother’s who read my blog!

Lots of love,



Lush Lavender

Hi Guys!

Today I wore a super cute one-toned lavender fit and I was overwhelmed with so many compliments at church that I decided to blog about it and delay my original post idea.

When putting together a piece that follows the exact colour shade throughout, you want to make sure it is as simple as it is stylish, so I went for plain items with no fancy patterns or designs.

How cute is my Handbag (ASOS) which I got as a gift for christmas. The bag is following the colour-block vibes from my previous post.

This fluffy short-sleeved jumper was purchased from the online store Noisy May.  Fluffy items are very much 90s and iconic to the Clueless fashion look during the 90s period. Fluffy jumpers, in my opinion, will always be a sought-after piece with women because there is something about softness and fluffiness that we all adore and it just seems to be an instant attraction to our feminity.

The jumper is also a turtleneck (for all the turtleneck lovers). I am literally DONE with turtleneck guys, because my neck is sooooo short (literally my head might as well just sit on my chest) that when I wear turtlenecks it makes my neck just disappear, making me look shorter than I am. I  mean I’m not that tall anyway, but having a long neck gives you some extra inches and the turtlenecks take all my inches away! That being said I will not be wearing a turtleneck ever again…in life.

*Rant over*

I matched the jumper with paper bag trousers from ASOS. These are baggy style trousers which makes them a number one hit for comfort. The waist of the trousers is elasticated,  so it draws in around the waists. I personally love these style of trousers, simply because despite being loose fit tailored trousers, they are still very smart so you can dress them up or down easily.

I finished the outfit with some Nike Air Dunks that I got on offer last year from Nike online store. The trainers are actually baby pink, not lavender but they blended in so well with the clothing.

That sums up today’s look guys. I hope you all loved this look, until next time.

Take care, 

Love Tia-Rianne



Live your life in confidence and faith

Hi all,

I don’t know about ya’ll but for me, it feels like we are already five months into the new year, even though it is STILL January. It really is such a long month, but we are nearly at the end and I hope everyone has had a happy January.

As always with every start to a New Year, we are constantly bombarded with tips and advice to help guide us to a successful and healthy year. Most of the tips are things we are aware of and we say we’re going to definitely do this time around, but we never do. Don’t worry I am not going start giving you my own tips that I swear will work, but I do have a handy book or two that will help encourage you to follow through your resolutions and goals for 2018.

The Confident Woman and The Confident Woman Devotional are two books written by the Christian New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer, that I encourage all females to add to their reading library! There is a moment in life that everyone goes through when you just have a lack of faith and you are in need of a confidence boost. As women, we always have to battle with insecurities and that is not just to do with our appearance, which a lot of the time that tends to be the only topic of conversation. Yes, it is something we do face, unfortunately, but it is not the only area in our lives that we may lack confidence in.

In the society, we live in today, in which women do not just have the title of ‘mother’ or ‘wife’ but as artists, businesswomen/ entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, leaders to name just a few. Confidence is something we need in order to fulfil our roles and to be successful within them. As we take the next steps of our destiny it is normal that we may not feel very confident, we may be too timid and shy and ‘The Confident Women’ book guides on how we should ooze confidence in every area of our lives.

What I love most about the book is that it reminds you that GOD is the key to our confidence and success. No matter how nervous, shy or worried you may be, if you give all your worries to God and be confident through him, anything is possible. In addition, it encourages you to own your truth which is not always an easy thing to do.  Joyce teaches us to be bold and confident, no matter what comes in our path. One of the great quotes that I got from the book which I use often in my life, is “to be confident in fear”, meaning even though you may be in a situation that may seem scary , you still do what you need to do despite being scared, you are confident in fear. When you step out in confidence despite your fears you are able to overcome the emotions that try to steal your confidence, so you will be able to tackle any future fearful situations.

I do not want to give away the books because I want you all to read it for yourself and see how your life will be transformed, but I will break down the difference between the two books.  The Confident Women is a seventeen chapter book that gives you keys to living an independent and confident life in absence of fear. It also identifies the ‘seven secrets of a Confident Woman’. Whereas the devotional is based on a daily spiritual reading for each day in the year. For each date, there is a short paragraph from a bible scripture, followed by an interpretation of the scripture linked to confidence and then it ends with a short prayer.

This is a very brief review because I do not want to go on about the books in too much detail, I want you to purchase the books and be inspired. You might not be a person that is lacking confidence and that is fine because the books are not to be read only by individuals who have lost their confidence but for women who already believe they are confident, however, they have forgotten that their faith is their confidence! To have confidence is to know that our God is the root of it all. To have that in hindsight, will surely lead to a life of happiness.

That’s all, for now, guys,  if you do end up reading one or both books ( i recommend both) make sure you let me know how you find it,  by dropping by and leaving a comment underneath the post.  Wishing you all a great week, God Bless!

Love Tia-Rianne


My Switzerland weekender

Happy Sunday all,

I hope everyone’s week has been fantastic. As I mentioned in my post last week, I spent the weekend with my family in Switzerland, to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and for a cheeky New Year’s break. It was a very EPIC weekend trip!

I spent my first day in Geneva city, my second day up in the mountains at Mont Blanc and then my last day back in Geneva.  What made my trip epic was not being in Switzerland but crossing the border to France, to spend the day in Chamonix Village, visiting Mont Blanc.

My general view on Switzerland; well on Geneva because that’s the only part of Switzerland I saw, was very bland. It’s an overly expensive city (and I hear the rest of the country is just as expensive). When I say expensive the prices of normal everyday things is triple the amount back home in London! Walking into the local supermarket the milk was over 3 Swiss francs (Swiss currency) and eating out at KFC will cost you 44 Swiss francs on a bargain bucket!! That’s equivalent to about 33 GBP!! You think I’m kidding but I kid not! It really is that expensive. Obviously, for the locals it’s normal but as a tourist, comparing it to the prices of things back home is completely bonkers!

In regards to my description of the city as bland, to be quite frank it is, but this is just my personal opinion of course. As you walk the streets you will see countless of advertisements of Swiss watches, however walking around on a Friday and Saturday evening you would not see as many people as the numerous adverts of watches. I’m dead serious! The streets were empty and it was a weekend! I didn’t see much nightlife going on and it was very quiet. Thank God it was a family holiday ,or else my friends and I would have been bored during the night time. I’m not sure if it was due to my location, why I found the city a bit dry but my

 A cute little photo opportunity in Geneva City.

hotel was very central, so I doubt it. I could walk from my hotel to literally all the main tourist points (which weren’t many) nevertheless, regards of where you stay in a city you would expect some nightlight, but I couldn’t spot one thing that could keep myself entertained on a Friday and Saturday night.

During the day as tourists, there are a few things you can do such as shopping (there are many luxury shops around), sightseeing and boat rides but other than that it can get quite boring. Not the most exciting city to visit in my opinion, so I’m happy I had my crazy family around to keep me entertained.

The highlight of my trip was my visit to Mount Blanc. When I say my trip to Switzerland was EPIC it was because of this day trip and the funniest thing about it, was that it was not even in Switzerland. More like across the boarder in the French Alps! If you are in Geneva this is a worth while trip to go on!! It’s defiantly a once in a life time experience sort of trip.

Side note: this is a quick geography lesson. If you did not know, Switzerland shares a boarder with a few European countries including France and Italy, so depending on where you are in Switzerland you can cross the border in under two hours. Traveling to the French Alps from Geneva was very quick. It only took 90 minutes on a coach from the centre of Geneva city. The ticket cost around 30 English pounds so very reasonable (compared to the other prices of things). Where Geneva is situated it is closer to visit the French Alps than the Swiss Alps so you will get two holidays in one which is quite good.

The beautiful Chamonix village. Jaw dropping views to say the least!

Spending the day in France in the mountains was amazing, a day full of amazing scenic surroundings, along with panoramic views. You won’t put your camera or phone down, every turn is a picture perfect moment. The Chamonix village is insanely beautiful, you will feel like your in a Disney Story!

If you ever thought a mountain holiday in winter means skiing, it defiantly doesn’t. There are so many other options non-skiers

can do, such as hiking, snowshoeing and cable cars. You can see use the ski lifts and go up to the highest peaks of the mountains. If you do get a chance to ski it will be amazing (I defiantly will be back for a skiing holiday).

I wouldn’t rule out Switzerland as a holiday despite my views on Geneva because there are other cities you can visit (just do your research) and there are loads of other areas that are very pretty, full of mountains and lakes with exceptional views. For instant I’m planning a trip to the Italian Alps during summer and during my stay I plan on spending a day across the borders in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, which I’ve read has beautiful scenery all around. Just make sure you do your research before you go so your break is perfectly suited for what you like! Make sure you have a decent amount of money also. Just a reminder Switzerland is very expensive! I’d recommend between 80-100 Swiss franc a day.

Overall, it was a great short break and would recommend everyone to visit Chamonix and Mount Blanc if they can or go on any other mountain holiday. It truly is a bucket list experience.

Take care, until next time.

Love TeeTee

Stay in check spring 2018

Good Evening guys,

I hope you all have had a productive first few days into the new year. If you have not, don’t sweat it because neither have I. Its only been five days we still have 360 days to be productive!

The purpose of this post is to keep you all in check for the new year. Some of you including myself may have (from watching too many American reality shows) heard or used the word “check” when referring to confronting a person about a particular situation. You may be familiar with the phrase “I had to check her/him”. However in this particular case, I don’t have to “check” ya’ll in that way thankfully, but I do want to keep you all in check…as in making sure you get your hands on some checked print items for your 2018 wardrobe.

Pretty much everyone has hit the shops whether it has been online or on the high street during the Christmas season, due to the stressful task of present shopping. Whilst doing so you may have noticed a lot of clothing items with different styles of checked prints and this is because checks are on the hot list for spring/summer 2018.

The check print was seen all over the fashion shows for spring and summer 2018, in particular, Balenciaga’s collection at Paris Fashion week was dominated by checked prints.

However, if you can’t afford to break the bank on Balenciaga which I know is not an option for me either, there is plenty of checked items in stores like ASOS, Bershka and TopShop to name a few. If checked prints are not for you, do not threat because it is not the only thing making a come back this season, polka dots, as well as pinstripes, are making a return so there are various print styles that may be more up your street.

I recently put together a look wearing a checked skirt for Christmas. It was very much influenced by ‘Clueless’, the movie and I believe I done very well channelling my inner Dionne *flicks hair*. For the outfit, details click on my Instagram icon which will take you to these exact same photos where I have tagged each item of clothing.

With that being said I will be very pleased to know that I have inspired you to get in check for 2018 and don’t forget about the other prints you should be styling in this season. I may do another style inspo shoot in either polka dots or stripes to show you how I will be rocking these cute prints and what I’ll be wearing them with, so look out for that in the very near future.

I hope you all have a fabulous and safe weekend. I’ll be spending mine in Switzerland with my family for a quick new years escape before I head back to work.

Talk soon,

Love TR X

Feeling for some Fila


Hello, hello, hello!

Guys, I’ve gotten myself into a bad habit where I post a look on Instagram without posting a blog about the look. This should have been shared with you all roughly a week and a half ago when I posted the outfit look on my Instagram, however, due to laziness (because there isn’t any of reason why it’s late) your only receiving it now, shame on me! In the future, I am going to make sure that any look I wear that I plan to blog about, will not be posted on the gram without posting on my site.

Okay now that’s off my chest, let’s talk clothes.

Behold a two-piece co-ord from Fila!

FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (4)

We have to rate this brand, as the past couple years they have been releasing sick pieces that still have the vintage Fila feel but with a modern twist. These particular items have such a retro feel, which of course is classic Fila. It reminded me of a tennis outfit but it is definitely a look you can wear on or off the court. I purchased the items from ASOS AGAIN! I told ya’ll ASOS is my fave. The co-ord is a nice simple piece, the polo shirt is cotton material whereas the skirt is stretchy and very fitting. The choice of colours works lovely together. It’s a shame I did not have Fila trainers because I do like to wear the same brand throughout when I am wearing sportswear. Instead, I finished the look with white Nike socks over the tights for an old skool feel and white and gold Nike Tuned 1’s. When I first got the outfit I had been planning to wear it without tights but I was worried that it would not go well with the two piece but to my surprise, the white fishnet, really carried the look off.

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (2)

I must admit this is a very summery look and I have to be truthful even though it is the fall I have been trying to squeeze out the last of summer outfits, but this look is the last of the summer outfits I will be posting about. So guys are you feeling my fila look? Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think. That is it until next time.

Talk soon.

Love, TeeTee


Little Red Dress

Hey Cuties,

I am sure every woman on this planet has a little black dress (LBD), that they can throw on if they made some last minute plans, or have been invited somewhere and cannot find anything new to wear. LBD’s certainly come in handy! What about a little red dress… some of you may not have one but gurrrl you need one. Over the weekend I went out and wore a red fringed dress, and it was to die for. Think Beyonce – Freakum Dress  X Rihanna – Wild thoughts, that’s how I felt when I wore it out. The color and the detail was so on point that it inspired me to convince you all to purchase your very own red dress. I did not get a great picture in my red dress however, on my Instagram there is a mirror selfie of me wearing the dress that you are welcome to check out. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom to see a video of me in my dress.

Now this is where I get up on my soapbox and tell you all why you need a red dress in your closet!

Firstly the colour red is such a bright, bold, standout, statement colour. Whether or not the dress is plain – you are sure to turn heads when you enter the building. If you’re rocking a red dress just know you’ll be stopping traffic.

Secondly, there are so many different shades of red that there is definitely a red tone that will suit you best! Therefore you never have to worry about looking too shocking, you will find the right red best for you.

Thirdly the colour red is associated with so many different emotions and feelings such as love, romance, heat, desire, passion, danger, leadership, courage and much more. This means when you step out in your little red dress you will embody all of these associations.

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so. If you’re someone that always wear black  I am talking to you the most because I want you to step out of your comfort zone, be daring and feel fabulous in red.

I hope you all end up with an LRD in your closest sooner than later!

Love TR



I can’t stand the rain

Hey hey hey!

As autumn is here and winter is very near ( check the bars though, rhyming and that) I wanted to show all you Cutees some new coats that I’ve recently purchased. Both coats remind me of the Missy Elliot styling in her video for ‘I can’t stand the rain’ (Supa Dupa fly), hence why the title references the track. In addition, they are both waterproof so will keep me nice and dry from the rainy weather us London folks are cursed with, about 95 percent of the year. Both coats are from ASOS, yes back at it again in ASOS (I need to learn to shop around).

The first one is a puffer coat. Puffer coats are so in season this fall so make sure get your hands on one. You can throw it on with mostly anything and everything tbh and it gives your outfit an edgy look. Even more important wearing a puffer is just so cozy and comfortable! Heres a tip for all you commuters, they make the perfect pillow/ blanket combination when you’re snoozing on public transport, thank me later. I particularly love this one because it is black and it’s shiny and it’s just super cute! The downside is that it doesn’t have a hood so I defo need to invest in a firm brolly for the rainy weather.


The second one, is not really a coat… it’s puffer body warmer… but its PINK and METALLIC!!!! How could I resist??!! The model who wore it on ASOS really gave it justice and I can’t wait to wear it myself. It looks like it should be worn with a glamorous sparkly pink ski outfit right??? I totally see the vision, too bad I am not going skiing in the French Alps anytime soon, just have to rock it around South London I guess. But just know when I drop it, the outfit is going to be EPIC.


That’s it for now peeps. I look forward to wearing both coats soon and dropping some outfit inspo. Until then expect more posts on new buys and I have a few outfit inspo looks in the pipe line so stay locked in. Keep it CuTee.

Chat soon,



Fine China

Hey CuTees,

When I initially planned to blog about this look there was suppose to be two different outfits inspos. However, because the second outfit was a flop (I looked like a cardboard box in it! No really, it didn’t give my any shape what so ever) I ended up posting this current look on my Instagram without blogging about it (silly tia). After much thought, I realised this look is wayyyy too cute to not share with my fellow cuTees, so here we are my ‘fine china’ outfit inspiration.

Both the skirt and the top is from ASOS, the skirt is ‘Reclaimed vintage’ and the top is ‘Milk it vintage’. Now let’s talk detailssss honey, I think we should start with the skirt. Two words; absolutely gorgeous. The style of the skirt (wrap skirt) is super cute and very chic. I love the frills along the trimmings and the tie detail around the waist, which enables the skirt to hug on to the hips and waist, elegantly showing off my figure. Now the pattern and design on the skirt are to die for! I love the culture and fashion in China and this skirt was clearly inspired by traditional Chinese attire, from the silk like material and most notably the flower pattern which is used frequently on Chinese women’s clothing. Oh and of course the skirt is PINK, so you know I am sold.

FullSizeRender (6)

The skirt defiantly influenced the top I wanted to wear. I had in mind something that would compliment the Chinese theme of the skirt. The top is simple but is a statement piece due to the Chinese Mandarin (let’s hope the translation makes sense and means something good in English). What I loved about this top is that it crops not too short (so I didn’t have to worry about sucking in my belly too much when I took this photo) and the shirred material towards the bottom which pulls the top in and shows off my waist. Whereas if I opted for a normal styled cotton t-shirt and then tucked it into my skirt it would have made my figure disappear and I would have gone from a cuTee to frumpTy dumputy!

So if you’re feeling this look as much as I was feeling myself when I wore it, feel free to share the love in the comment and like section. That’s it for this week guys, chat soon.


TeeTee x

Weekend Lookbook

Evening all,

Its been a few weeks since I have posted, and tbh I was not going to post today because I thought I did not have any good content for you all. However, after reflecting on my outfits over the last few days I decided to do a lookbook on my style this weekend.

We have been experiencing lovely hot weather this past week in the UK, so my style has been reflecting that. I have not been wearing proper summer outfits and I mean proper as in summer dresses, shorts etc but I have been putting together simple, thoughtless pieces that work well for this unusual warm April weather.

I am the kind of woman that does put some thought into what I wear and for those who do the same, there’s no harm in that because fashion and style are just some of our forms of art and expression. Therefore we are supposed to make effort for the things we create and I believe that applies to clothes also! BUT this weekend I actually never put as much thought into my looks as normal (only because I had such a busy jammed packed schedule that I really never had time to). Nevertheless, I love that I still managed to create very stylish looks, sometimes simplicity is all we need.


Basic square neck crop top – ASOS

Tailored wide leg trousers – Bershka

Checkered slip-on Vans – Vans store 



Pink Men’s shirt –  H&M (Thanks for letting me borrow it Dad!)

Silver Metallic midi tulle skirt – Pull n Bear

Vans on my feet again



White basic square neck crop top – ASOS

Grey cut off joggers – ASOS

Shoes – Nike Vapour Plus – Footlocker 

(Shades from Ebay)



As always feel free to comment on which look was your favourite and hit me up on the gram – just click the icon!

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,




So nice I have to wear it twice!


Alert: Did I not tell you in my last blog that Berskha is becoming my favourite Highstreet store! 

Recently I did a mini shopping haul online at Berskha and girl$$$ the number of cute pieces I purchased excites me. As I scrolled down the pages, I was spoilt for choice on what items to add to my basket,  feeling like a kid in a candy store.

One of the items I decided to get was a bubble gum pink blazer dress, the best decision I could have made *pats self on the back* because its one of those dresses you can dress up and dress down. As a lady that loves a pair of sneakers, this was well suited for me because a lot of the time when I go out to places where the dress code is heels and a dress, I often get a dress to wear that  I either never wear again or a whole year goes by before I decide to wear it for another occasion. Buying a dress that I can wear smart or causal is very handy indeed and this is the case with the blazer dress.

If I never made it clear before, I repeat the dress is from Berskha and only cost £29.99! It comes in black and also in checkered prints which I believe cost a few more pounds than the plain pink or black, so get your hands on it ASAP before they sell out! It fits well and because of the style, it suits all ladies, no discrimination on body shape or height, definitely a universal dress for all of us.

I love this dress so much not only did I wear it once, but twice over the weekend – I’m calling it the Friday night versus Saturday night look-book. On the first night, I  stepped out wearing the dress for a formal event I was attending with some friends. I kept the look very simple with some plain black open toes sandal heels, that complimented the black button details on the dress. Accessories-wise I kept it simple with a gold chain and a ring on each hand, finishing it off with some statement black and gold earrings.


On Saturday evening I then put together a casual look for an informal social gathering. This was a very street style tomboyish look, which is more in my comfort zone. I wanted to make this look very different from the Friday to show you all the versatility of a blazer dress, so I decided to wear a black zip-up top (also from Berksha) underneath the dress, accessorising with a black bum bag. I then decided to finish off the look with black sheer tights and flame print vans to give the look a bit more edge.I loved wearing both of these looks over the weekend, but looking back I most defiantly have a favourite and I’m sure you all will too.


This was actually the first time I ever repeated an item in such a short space of time, for two different occasions, so I thought this would be a great blog opportunity to show you all two different looks with one statement dress. That being said, I hope this post not only gave you all style inspiration on the different ways to wear a Blazer Dress but, showed you all that it is okay to repeat an outfit. We spend our hard earned money on the things we wear, therefore nobody can tell us when or how to wear them!

My tip for you all is if you are going to repeat an outfit within a small time frame make sure you switch it up, so it doesn’t look exactly the same as the first time you wore it. As for these so-called fashion rules like never repeating an outfit, you can kick it out the window for now…that’s only until we get that ‘never repeat an outfit’ ‘kinda money but for now we can do want we want!

Lots of Love, 



Sliver surfing in my tin foil boots

Happy Sunday CuTee$,

As you spend the rest of your Sunday evening lounging in bed; eating; ironing; watching TV (the list can go on) I want to update you on my latest cute purchase of the month.

Now you all pretty much know by now that I am a trainers (sneakers for those who may be reading outside the UK) kinda girl. I live in trainers no matter the occasion. When I do buy a different style of shoe just for buying sake, it is usually because I think the shoe is so stylish and iconic that I need it in my life, regardless if it will spend most of its time off my feet and under my bed in a box that is smothered in dust.  Knowing that I physically have it makes me a happy woman.

This was how I felt when I purchased my silver, foil metallic knee-high boots from ASOS earlier this month. I managed to get them on sale for half price. I think I paid about 45 pounds for them, considering their previous price, I believe I got a good deal.

Everything about these sliver boots screamed Rihanna to me!!! Rihanna is my style icon. Legit, when I try and put together an outfit I think: ‘How would Bad Gyal RiRi wear this?’. I love how effortless but bold and daring her style is and I always try to implement that in my own looks, by channelling my inner Rihanna (my mum didn’t put Rianne in my name for no reason now hunnyss). Not only that but the boots just had showstopperpiece written all over it, which makes them the perfect shoe to add edge to a simple outfit.

I am aware not everyone will be a fan of the boots and that’s fine because they are not for everyone, we all have our own tastes when it comes to fashion. However, for those who like me loves to be daring by wearing items that are different and unique, getting your hands on some silver surfer boots will definitely add some futuristic style to your wardrobe.

If you are not keen on the boots, fear not. Metallic material pieces is a trend that has had its moments now and again. Currently, it has made a come-back, by recently re-appearing all over the Catwalk for Mr Margiela at London’s Fashion Week, this February. If you haven’t seen the pieces from The Maison Margiela MM6 collection I can inform you that all things silver, foil and metal dominated the collection. The entire show looked as if it was created to portray a dystopian futuristic world where the most stylish would live in metallic clothing. Check out my slideshow of selected pieces from the collection below:

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As metallic clothing predominately featured in the MM6 collection we can expect that highstreet copies will be all over our favourite shop’s this spring/summer, so if my boots are not for you, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for your perfect piece.

I’ll end this post by wishing you all a productive and successful week. Catch up soon!

Lots of love,



Colour-blocking for Valentine’s Day

Evening ladies,

Today’s post is all about colour-blocking. A simple definition in the fashion world would be – ‘ pairing items of clothing together, that contrast in colour, to make a complimentary outfit combination’.

This is a trend that can be pulled off constantly throughout the seasons. In summer its more easily done, as we tend to dress very colourful and bright. Whereas in winter our dress code tends to reflect the weather outside: dark, grey and dull, so it is probably something that we subconsciously avoid doing, but we shouldn’t be. In fact, we all should be incorporating colour-blocking into our looks now and again. Why? Well, it is a great way to look more vibrant during the cold seasons, injecting some life into your outfits. It also allows you to switch up your looks by breaking up habits of living in black, grey and white.

I decided to put together a look (that in my opinion) demonstrates the do’s when it comes to colour blocking. The colours I went for are very loud but despite this, they complimented each other well. As you all know pink is my favourite colour so when I came across this dress it was an instant purchase for me. What stood out, in particular, was that the dress is pretty much a simple plain maxi dress but because these two bold colours were put together in such a great way, it made a simple dress become a statement piece. In all honesty, I actually played it safe as the dress (from Zara) did the colouring blocking for me, being half red and half pink. This made it easier for me, as I did not have to find separate items of clothing and pair them together to create the colour-block effect.

Instead of leaving the dress to just do all the talking I decided to take it a step further by colouring-blocking (my already colour-block dress) with clashing colour -block heels. The heels (ASOS) which have now become my favourite pair of heels (at the moment) have a great design.  I love the thick stripes and how well suited the bold colours are – if candy-canes were shoes then these heels would be them! I actually had the shoes before I purchased the dress and I based my whole look on these shoes. It defo could have been a hit or miss situation, because there was a big possibility that it would have been too much of a clash! I guess that’s the fun in colour-blocking, it makes you more daring in the items and colours you choose.

An important note to take, when pulling of this trend is don’t think of it as something very complicated because it really isn’t. It should be something fun and thoughtless. Of course don’t go out the house looking like you just rolled out of bed and pulled on the nearest top and trousers laying around. Once you decide on the item/ colour your going to wear, what you decide to pair it with will come naturally. You will know if each item is complimenting each other well or if your starting to look clownish (please refrain from the clown look). I’ve never been a believer in fashion rules so I wouldn’t say there is a handbook on what colours to pair, but when you look in the mirror you will be able to tell if these colours are working and if not you can make the necessary adjustments.

Drop down and get your eagle on girl: The lady edition.

Not only does this outfit highlight how to colour-block but it also is a great outfit inspiration for Valentine’s Day! Yes, guys we are in the month of love and V-day is upon us, so for many of you lovely ladies who have dates/bfs/baes/husbands you probably will be looking for a outfit if you’re going out. Colour-blocking red and pink together, which are literally the theme colours of Valentine’s Day, would be a good way to explore the trend.

The Zara dress is very elegant and classy. The perfect simple but effective, dinner look option. Its stretchy cotton material makes it a great number if you’re looking for a fitted, figuring hugging dress. If you want to add edge to it then throw on a pair of sunnies or over the top statement earrings (or do both like myself).

Sunglasses from eBay

This dress definitely can be worn casually also. Which brings me to my next blog post. I have decided to put together a causal, everyday look wearing this dress! I will be blogging the look so you can compare how I dress up/ dress down the same item, so expect that post in a week or two!

This is it for now guys. In the meantime you can check out my Instagram for exclusive photos of me styling in this dress or simply wait for my next post.

Lots of love,